Selfies as a PR Tool

Admit it. You love taking selfies.

imagesWhile some people find these pictures unflattering, and the ultimate form of narcissism there is no denying that a majority of people have taken at least one selfie. I have even seen my 3-year-old cousin take a selfie with my grandmother (though it was an accident when he took my phone).

Then there are the selfies that make headlines. For example, this past December President Obama famously received criticism for the timing of a selfie he took with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and British Prime Minister David Cameron. Or there is the selfie that broke twitter, when Ellen Degeneres and other A-listers snapped a pic live during the Oscars.

article-helle2-1212 ellen_selfie

But what makes a selfie successful is not who is in the picture or where it is taken it is the concept of the selfie itself. In other words, taking a selfie of yourself at the Eiffel tower is more effective than a Instagram picture of the Parisian landscape because it gives people a better sense of who you are.

Selfie of me in Paris

Selfie of me in Paris

Simply put from a PR perspective, selfies are a way you can engage with your followers. Moreover, selfies don’t have to just be for personal use, but also for brands and are a great tool to incorporate in campaigns.

For instance, if a retail store like Saks Fifth Avenue was trying to promote their new spring line, the store could hold a selfie contest and have people take selfies in front of the window display.

So whip out your phone and take a selfie.




For more information for selfies and PR check out:


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